Trading Articles

  1. What Makes a Good Trader
  2. Stages Of A Successful Trader
  3. Lessons From A Citibank Trader
  4. The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Price Action Trader 
  5. 5 Methods of Profit Maximization In Trading
  6. 15 Characteristics of Highly Successful Traders
  7. Resistance To Change – Barrier For Improvement
  8. 3 Indispensable Tips On Stock Trading
  9. Why You Need To Develop Your Discipline To Be A Great Trader
  10. The Most Important Trading Decision You Must Take
  11. Jesse Livermore’s Trading Rules
  12. The 5 Golden Rules To Improve Your Trading
  13. Trading Vs Investing
  14. Top 10 Rules For Successful Trading
  15. The Right Trading Attitude – Why Most Traders Fail
  16. 4 Multi-Millionaire Traders Share Their Thoughts On Trading
  17. 25 Rules Of Trading Discipline For Day Trading
  18. Professional Trader vs Retail Trader, and the Misconceptions
  19. Advantages of Accepting Market Uncertainty
  20. A Simple Way to Improve Your Trading Result
  21. Keys to Trading Attitude: Are you Trading or Gambling?
  22. Why The Short Time Frame Is The Safest Time Frame
  23. Deadly Sins of Trading: Dollar Counting
  24. Deadly Sins of Trading: Failing to Cut Losses Short
  25. Deadly Sins of Trading: Winning the Wrong Way 
  26. Deadly Sins of Trading: Rationalizing – Denial of Reality
  27. Make Losses Work For You
  28. Losses are Part of Winning Trader


Technical Analysis Education

  1. Candlestick Patterns, And Why Do They Work? (Candlestick Pattern Part 1)
  2. Precision Trading At Market Bottom with Smart Money (Candlestick Pattern Part 2)
  3. Precision Trading At Market Top with Smart Money (Candlestick Pattern Part 3)
  4. Should You Use Technical Indicators?
  5. What is the US Dollar Index
  6. What is Dow Theory?

Money Management & Proficiency Evaluation Method

  1. Kelly Criterion
  2. Returns Expectancy
  3. Sharpe Ratio

Market Master Advice

  1. Lee Gettess’s Trading Advice
  2. Nick Radge’s Trading Advice
  3. Mark D. Cook’s Trading Advice
  4. Larry Williams’s Trading Advice
  5. Andrea Unger’s Trading Advice
  6. Gregory L Morris’s Trading Advice
  7. Ray Barros’s Trading Advice
  8. Brian Schad’s Trading Advice

Investment Articles

  1. 7 Things You Should Know About Singapore IPOs
  2. 5 Broadly Successful Investors You Should Know!
  3. A Safe Way To Treat Analyst Reports & News
  4. Trading: Don’t Aim To Be A Jack-Of-All-Trades The Most Classic Mistake In Investing
  5. Why You Should Invest In Stocks
  6. The Lure Of Income Investing
  7. How A Singaporean Woman Grew $112k to $1 Million in 7 Years!
  8. 5 Different Ways You Can Invest in Stocks & Bonds as a Singaporean
  9. What Singaporeans Need To Know About Investment Before Its Too Late
  10. 3 Investments Singaporeans Should Immediately Consider
  11. Time Diversification Minimizes Market Risk


Wealth Management Articles

  1. 5 Secret Habits of Self-Made Millionaires in Singapore
  2. 4 Essential Economic Relationships Singaporeans Need To Know!
  3. The 6 + 1 System For Financial Stability
  4. The Secrets Habits Of Financial Savvy People You Must Adopt
  5. How To Afford Living In Singapore
  6. 3 Big  Money Mistakes Singaporeans In Their 30s Are Making
  7. 4 Biggest Financial Regrets of Singaporeans And How You Can Avoid Them
  8. Top 10 Financial Milestones Every Singaporeans Should Look Forward To
  9. The Secrets Habits Of Financial Savvy People You Must Adopt



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