[17th May – 1st July 2016] Realized Trade Net Equity Curve Compounded (+57.14%)

The above Net Equity Curve (Compounded) generated is inclusive of the latest month 17th May – 1st July 2016 (Week #21 2016 – Week #27 2016)

Net Equity Growth for March to 14th April 2016 ($32,00 USD to $50,285 USD) = +57.14%

Total Net Realized Gain/Loss = +$18,285 USD

Total Trades Computed = 310

No. of Winning Trades = 104

No. of Losing Trades = 206

Biggest Winner = +$6,423 USD

Biggest Loser = -$465 USD

Winning Ratio = 33.54%

Longest Losing Streak = 14

Longest Winning Streak = 5

Kelly Criterion = +11.45% (HPT Criterion = +1.45% for the next 200 trades)

Expectancy Returns = + $58.93 USD

Deadly Sins of Trading: Rationalizing – Denial of Reality

If you ever hope to approach the market with intelligence, planning each one of your trades is an absolute must. Most losing traders are flying by the seat of their pants, without any knowledge of how to even construct a trade plan. However, planning your trade and then failing to trade your plan is a greater crime. Because most people tend to be overly optimistic by nature, they have a hard time bringing closure to any event that will leave them with a loss / or pain. When the time to act arrives, many can’t summon the resolve and courage to cut their losses. So instead, they begin a process or rationalizing. This process of talking one’s self out of correct action eventually winds up taking the trader completely out of the game.

28th batch of High Probability Trading Intensive Mastery Training (June) concluded!

Yesterday, we concluded the 28th batch of our Monthly High Probability Trading Intensive Mastery Training Workshop of traders! We have managed a milestone of 28th batches of traders within just 19 Months with a total of 1,450 student trader, the most popular professional trading program in Singapore! We stand firm in educating real professional trading knowledge, and 100% trade transparency and guidance to our traders during their development!

Deadly Sins of Trading: Winning the Wrong Way

Many novice traders do not realize that it’s possible to make money n the market the wrong way.

Consider individuals who have failed to adhere to a protective stop on a certain position, and by doing so actually wind up making money on the play. While reporting losses are part of the play even within the institutional and portfolio management world, these individuals feel pleased that they did not honour the stop because the ‘end result’ turned out to be a profit. Little do these individuals know they have committed a crime against the self. Let me explain.