Make Your Losses Work For You


The path that leads to investment and trading mastery is a journey often fraught with countless perils. Pain. Loss. Frustration. Confusion. Uncertainty. Inconsistency. These are the teachers that provide the education necessary to reach the desired heights of greatness. Each trader who enjoys a certain level of success today is a guaranteed to have suffered through the pain and agony of being a loser yesterday. We, as human beings, simply do not learn very much from our successes. It is only our failures that seem to light the path and show us the way.

We know that fire should not be touched because, at one time in our young lives, we got burned by it. So it is with trading. We learn how to win only after we learn all the ways to lose it. This was the method by Thomas Edition when trying to come up with the light bulb.

We spend a great deal of energy and effort trying to avoid the loss and the pain that goes with it. But have we ever stopped to contemplate the grand purpose that loss serves? It is only through frequent losses that we can be sure our actions requires correcting, isn’t it? In its purest state, the pain of loss serves as a personal messager of change. Each time we violate a law, it tell us, in no uncertain terms, that our actions warrant dramatic change. This is why we grow through loss and excel by way of pain. The discomfort gets us to act, to get off our backsides and do something. Without the agony of defeat and the pain that rises from that, a trader would never grow.

Learn to respect loss, because in a weird way, it is precisely what will lead the way to the future you want.

Remember we leap forward by great distances only after first stepping backward.


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