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www.SingaporeStocksTrading.com has been an avenue for me to share the many lessons I learned about beliefs, behavior, motivation, success, mindfulness, and other principles which are essential if you are an aspiring trader. It has been quite an amazing journey, full of learning for myself, and it never stops.

Before the inception of this website, I would write my investment and trading ideas in a diary, and review of mistakes made. But now, writing for everyone, and speaking in the public, has been even more so beneficial because I am now more accountable than ever for everything that I say. So it forces me to live by my own values, and beliefs.

The initial pathway to this trading game wasn’t a smooth sailing one for me. I have exercised plenty of strategies, stuck in bad habits, disregarding and disrespecting market movement, and self limiting beliefs in my own ideas. Such behavior often led to hard earned profits being wiped out by losses that I wouldn’t let go. Do not mention anything about equity curve. I had no regards to long term longevity in market, but short term exciting quick rewards.

Lessons learnt have made me changed my ways.

How did that happen? Mostly, it was willing to accept change, step by step, along with gradual and continual learning. 

My trading results have drastically improved, and I have setup a challenge with my own traders, and you, with my transparency to all my weekly trades on my website. This will ensure accountability, and keep the growth process. But hopefully, it will also inspire you to keep pushing towards your own dreams.

What is gonna be fulfilling, is when we look back at where we started, and where we are — it’s the positive change we are willing to accept, and constantly going through.


I am extremely grateful to all of you readers! Whatever your background, if you are struggling to create a viable source of wealth for you and your family from trading, I want to tell you that success is possible, if you are willing to undergo change of your bad habits.


But always remember this: stay super humble! You can’t learn anything if you think you know everything. Egoism and cockiness mean that you are closing yourself off to learning. Instead, be curious, open, kind, generous, and humble in the market. You will definitely find your way!

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