3 Investments Singaporeans Should Immediately Consider



Investment is an asset purchased with a purpose to generate more income in the future or to sell it for a higher price. There are a myriad of investment selections available in the market today but here are a few 3 simple investments you can start with…


Being a newbie in the investment scene is not a problem anymore. With Mutual Funds, you can entrust a professional investment manager to produce capital gains for you and your co-investors. Mutual funds are investments that gather the investors’ money into a pool to make multiple types of investments, known as the portfolio. Shareholders participate proportionally in the gains and losses. Lastly, it gives the budding investors the access to professionally manage, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds and so on. This can be difficult and nearly impossible to create with a small amount of money.


The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Investment Scheme is a way to invest your CPF savings to various banks such as OCBC, DBS, or UOB. This will enhance your retirement or housing money. Simply, the money you will generate from your investments will eventually go to your CPF account and not your pockets. To be eligible, you need to be above 18 years old and have over S$20,000 in your Ordinary Account (i.e., used for housing, education, investment, and insurance) and over S$40,000 in your Special Account (i.e., used for retirement). Compare the investment options and their charges. Instead of complaining about the CPF, why don’t you start investing?


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) allows you to invest your money to a range of properties. REIT investors pool their money to buy buildings then, they divide the rental returns. This is a cheaper alternative to buying a property. Furthermore, REITs receive special tax considerations and mostly offer investors high yields and liquid method (i.e., converting your assets into cash) of investing in real estate. Although there are benefits, it is important to hire a trusted REIT Manager. One REIT in Singapore is CapitaMall Trust including properties such as Plaza Singapura, Junction 8, and JCube.

the above article is an extract of http://www.moneydigest.sg/3-investments-you-should-immediately-consider/



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