$4890 forex profit in 6 hours sleep!


took a total of 4 mini spot forex contract of long EUR/JPY, long NZD/JPY  (both weakening of JPY) and long AUD/USD with the 5 strategies of High Probability Trading and closed with 3 winners (+$6,651) and 1 loser (-$1,760).

Total net realized profit gain in a 6 hours sleep = $4,890

In such volatile times, where equities are playing out with gap up and gap down due to overnight change of sentiment, it would be wise to attempt your technical analysis and strategies of high probability trading on the forex exchange.

Benefits of Forex:

- Largest and most liquid market of the financial market (your contract will not suffer from gap due to overnight change of sentiment)

- Strength of technical behavior for time frame as short as 5 mins is as strong

- 24 hours market (5 days a week)

- No commission (Cost to trade is the spread. This is the difference between the bid and the ask price.)

- Higher leverage for greater potential return (and potential of greater potential loss too)

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