SingaporeStocksTrading donates $9,450 to Singapore Children’s Society !

During my full year review concluded in August 2013, I have promised to donate 10% of my trading profit to the childrens’ charity foundation.

I will be donating $7,850 to Singapore Children’s Society to lay some small helping hands in fulfilling the dreams of our kids. Along with the 2 hongbao I gotten in the seminar today by Mr Chee CL and Mrs Lim PH, I will donate them ($1,600) together under I wish to thank both Mr Chee and Mrs Lim for their kind generosity on their donation. Making money in High Probability Trading is simple and it adds some element of social contribution if you are willing to donate off some bits of profit you make every year.


Today seminar concluded with another full house on a sunday morning! Almost a group of people were made to stand outside the room due to the overwhelming response even during the festive season. I am very thankful to the strong followings I have gathered over the past year.

IMG_7257IMG_7291  IMG_7339

Thank you for all the support again!


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