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SG Stocks To Watch (First Resources)

First Resources (SGX:EB8)

First Resources displayed a sequence of bearish reversal signals over the past 4 days (shooting star, hanging mans) and closed today with another bearish shooting star implying a potential exhaustion of its rally for a near term correction. The bearish signals also coincides with a gap down in early May 2016 that was untested for over 3 months (the longer gap holds, the stronger the resistance/support). This creates a potential major resistance level for First Resources.

Observation in MACD and RSI reflects a bearish divergence as well.

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SG Stocks To Watch (Sheng Siong)

Sheng Siong (SGX:OV8)

After a breakout of $0.885 major resistance level during late July, Sheng Siong has followed through with an aggressive rally of over 21.3% in less than 5 weeks. At the current junction, Sheng Siong is displaying a Bearish Reversal Candlestick Pattern (Shooting Star), which significant high volume today. This may imply an exhaustion in the existing rally for a short term correction in the coming sessions. The observation also coincides with Bearish Divergence in its MACD Histogram, RSI Oscillator against its rally.

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[Week #35] August 22nd – August 26th Singapore & US Market Technical Outlook

SG SESSION (Established a Lower Swing Higher, Trading Towards 2,800 Critical Support Zone)

The Straits Times Index (STI) ended the week with a loss of -0.8% (-23.38 points).

During the week, STI established a lower swing high (lower high) which is the first sign of a potential short term downtrend channel establishment (of the three factors to determine a trend reversal). The second sign is the violation of the highlighted lower bound uptrend channel which has been broken (though with low transacted volume which implies much lesser significance in this price action).

At the current junction, the 2,800 support level, established from prior swing low, will be a critical price level for the confirmation of this short term downtrend channel. Do note that this support zone also coincide with STI’s 200D Moving Average support, along with 20D MA Envelope (2 standard deviation) lower boundary line.

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[Week #34] August 15th – August 19th Singapore & US Market Technical Outlook

SG SESSION (Rebounded off Bullish Reversal Confirmation)

The Straits Times Index (STI) rebounded during the week, closing with a gain of +1.4% (+39.23 points). The bullish reversal was alerted during last week’s technical outlook. You may refer to the posting over here.

At the current junction, STI is poised to retest its resistance at 2,900 level. The breakout of this level will affirm the strength of its existing rally towards next resistance at 2,965 level.

The levels to watch for further downside is the break of the Doji Star candle low at 2,803 level.

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[Week #33] August 8th – August 12th Singapore & US Market Technical Outlook

SG SESSION (Sitting at 200Days SMA with a Bullish Reversal Signal)

Some observation of the current development in STI:

STI is currently sitting on top of its 200 Days Moving Average (200SMA),
It is also sitting on its 20 Days MA Lower Envelope Boundary, which STI has a tendency to bounce higher off it over the past 3 months.
Wednesday (3rd August) was a Bullish Reversal Candlestick Pattern (Doji Star), and it’s currently been supported to establish a swing low
The imminent establishment of support by Wednesday’s Doji Star candlestick pattern will affirm the mid-term bullish trend channel as highlighted in the chart above.

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[Week #32] August 1st – August 5th Singapore & US Market Technical Outlook

G SESSION (Bearish Wedge Formation Played Out)

The Straits Times Index (STI) broke down its Bearish Wedge Formation, closing the week with a -2.6% (-76.66 points) during the week. The Bearish Wedge Formation and signs of imminent correction in STI was highlighted during last week’s technical outlook. You may refer to the posting over here.

The bearish play in STI was specially significant on friday’s closing (29th July), with the market gapping down and closing near the low with high transacted volume. This implies a meaningful effort and pressure in keeping the component stocks at their day low even with the accumulation of buying interest stepping in.

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[Week #31] July 25th – July 29th Singapore & US Market Outlook

SG SESSION (Bearish Wedge Formation In Play, Signs of Imminent Correction Ahead)

The Straits Times Index (STI) continue its rally of +0.7% (+20 points) during the week, trading towards its 2016 year high of 2,965 level.

However, STI is currently displaying a Bearish Wedge Chart Pattern, accompanied with several bearish signals awaiting for breakdown of price. Bearish Divergence is observed in Force Index along with MACD Histogram as the absolute prices trends higher towards its upper band 20MA envelope and immediate horizontal resistance level, signifying a greater likelihood of correction ahead.

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Losses are part of a Winning Trader

‘Winning consistently in the stock market is directly related to how successfully one loses.’ Have you heard of this?

Just to make this revolutionary truth stick, I’ll say it in another way: knowing how to lose correctly is the cornerstone of any successful trading methodology. So enjoy the ride while it lasts. this may sound harsh, but this is reality. To think that you will not lose….

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30th batch of High Probability Trading Intensive Mastery Training (June) concluded!

Yesterday, we concluded the 30th batch of our 2 days Monthly High Probability Trading Intensive Mastery Training Workshop of traders! This is the second batch for the month!

We have managed a milestone of 30th batches of traders within just 20 Months with a total of 1,560 student trader, the most popular professional trading program in Singapore! We stand firm in educating real professional trading knowledge, and 100% trade transparency and guidance to our traders during their development!

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